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Q&A With Nick Goepper

Have you been to Woodward Copper as a pro?

I go to Woodward at Copper a lot, can't wait to check it out in the summertime.

What does Woodward mean to you?

Woodward is a really cool company in action sports that is all about perpetuating the growth of athletes and action sports as a whole. It brings pros and you get to train with your idols. It's a symbol of growth in action sports.

How has Woodward helped you to progress your tricks on snow?

I use the tramps and foam pits to progress skills. I haven't used the ParkSkis yet, but I'm sure there are countless ways to use them to ski and try something safely before snow. I like that you can learn gradually in a safe environment.

Are there any new tricks you are working on?

Yeah, I will be mostly working to perfect tricks I'm bad at. Nothing totally different but some grabs and rotations - tweaking old tricks.

Why did you want to visit Woodward now that you are an Olympic medalist?

Cool opportunity to see on-snow in the summertime and hang out with the kids and coach them. I'll get the opportunity to hang with campers, train, and hang out with my coach and friends, and it's a great environment to try tricks. I'll put the skates on and there is also so much to do outside of my core routine.

What influence has inline had on your skiing?

It kind of indirectly influenced skiing. I wasn't trying to get better at skiing, but there's a lot of the same movements, rail tricks would translate, and without knowing it there was also muscle memory.

What is an an ideal ski day for you?

Wake up early, like 7:30-8:00am, have a good breakfast, meet up with buddies at the lodge, tell some jokes and set the mood right, then ski nonstop till 2:00 or 3:00pm with maybe some lunch in there, then finish up at Woodward and jump on the tramp.

Will you be bringing your medal to camp?

Yeah, people want to see it so I'll definitely bring it.

Any tips for kids to make money to get to camp?

When I was a kid I was a bit of an entrepreneur. I would make money going door-to-door in my neighborhood and doing odd jobs for my neighbors to make money to get a ski pass. I would charge $1 for candy bars on the bus. People helping becomes contagious, you can get people to help if you're dedicated and have a good cause.

Lightning Round:

Olympic tramp or Supertramp?


Foam pit or BagJump?

Foam pit

Dodgeball or capture the flag?

Capture the flag

Roasted marshmallow or s'more?


If you could dump a jug of Gatorade on one person's head, who would it be?

My coach, Mike Jankowski

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