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11 March 2014


About the Woodward Copper Scholarship Fund

The Woodward Copper Scholarship fund has been created to help individuals who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend Woodward Camp. The Woodward Copper Scholarship fund is made possible by contributions from individuals, alumni, sponsors, pro riders, and others who want to give something back to their sports. A portion of the scholarship fund is provided by Chipotle Mexican Grill and Camp Out For Kids.

 Make Your Scholarship Application Count

-Each Woodward location has their own scholarship application, be sure you are filling out the application appropriate to the specific camp you plan on attending

-Fill out the application in its entirety. Applications missing information, including requested letters, will be returned to be completed.

-This application is for scholarship purposes only. Registration must be completed online to be fully enrolled for camp.

-Camp registration applications and payments will be returned. We do not want to assume that we can provide enough funding for your child to attend and consequently do not want to tie up your money, which would be subject to cancellation policies.

-If you are 100% sure that you will register your child for camp regardless of scholarship funding, book early to get the best prebook discount possible. NOTE: Scholarships may not be available for every week of camp. Registering your child for a specific week of camp before scholarships are awarded will not guarantee funding assistance for that specific week.

-We do not consider aid for multi-week stays. The Scholarship funds mission is to assist in getting as many children to camp as possible.

-If you have multiple children applying for scholarships, apply for each independently and be sure to include all required materials for EACH child.

-Scholarships cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

-Limited funds are available. Scholarships are awarded in various amounts; not all aid is equivalent to full tuition. Travel expenses to and from camp are not included in awards.

-You will be notified via e-mail if an award is made in your child’s name. Application review begins mid-February. We will continue reviewing applications until all award funding has been distributed. The earlier you can apply, the better your chances of receiving aid. Unfortunately, we will receive more applications than we will be able to award. You will be given a deadline to accept your award; if we do not get your registration form by that deadline, we will assume the award has been rejected.

Other ways to subsidize the cost of Summer Camp

Junior Counselor Program

Do you love Woodward Copper summer camp so much that you wish you could stay longer? Well the Junior Counselor position just might be the right program for you. Junior Counselors can stay up to 1 summer camp weeks after their purchased camp week, by working alongside our camp staff to keep our EDGE Cafeteria, Barn and Cage facilities clean.

For more complete information – click here.

New! Parent Counselor Program

Your role will be to be a Counselor and role model to these young children all week, to eat meals with them, make sure they get to activities on time, etc. As a Parent counselor, you'll have specific duties related to keeping your pod clean, helping campers check-in and orient them to camp, enforce rules, participate in recreation activities, etc. A comprehensive training upon arrival will provide detailed information.

More complete information on this new program coming soon.

Camp Nurse Program

Parents are hired as Camp Nurses work for a week of camp in exchange for a FREE week of camp for their child. Full tuition discount is offered in exchange for medical services. Camp Nurses stay in camper housing at the EDGE. Applicants need to be a RN (registered Nurse) with work experience as a nurse, and have CPR certification.

For more complete information – click here.

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